Synthesis of printing technologies

A modern enterprise producing goods of the widest range, starting from various types of labels to cardboard and premium packaging, souvenir and advertising products.

Technological and production capacities allow us to produce goods that meet the highest quality standards. The main consumers are large domestic and foreign enterprises of the food and alcohol industry, brewing companies.

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Our approach is responsibility and reliability.
Timely and quality execution of orders
is the basis of our reputation.

Our products

Paper and metalized
paper labels

Our company has many years of experience in label printing. Now we have a fleet of four Heidelberg offset printing machines, as well as various additional equipment of this brand, provide a printing volume over 10 billion labels a year.

For this production, we use materials from European manufacturers that meet both the requirements of customers and our internal quality control standards. Direct deliveries of raw materials allow us to respond as quickly as possible to the requests of partners and execute orders on any type of paper – smooth or textured paper, with or without coating.

Roll self-adhesive

Company launched the production of self-adhesive labels in 2007. Printing can be performed on almost any material, including combined ones. Our technical capabilities allow us to combine flexographic printing with screen printing, cold stamping, hot stamping and embossing and other operations. Depending on the desired effects, all post press operations can be performed both “in line”, that is, in a single production cycle, and on separate equipment.

In addition to main MPS printing machines, there are lines installed for label post press, which allow applying hot stamping and embossing, holograms, screen printing varnishes and 3D embossing on labels.

Cardboard packaging

Having a wide range of capabilities based on many years of experience and a modern equipment fleet, our company can offer cardboard products for any market segment, starting from economical packaging to souvenir boxes of premium alcohol brands.

Packaging post press options: hot stamping and embossing, UV coating, Braille, coating with individual holograms, special pigments and screen printing varnishes. Multipoint gluing allows us using packaging on high-speed lines.

POS materials

One of the company's activities is the production of advertisement for promoting goods at points of sale: price tags, shelf talkers, shelf wobblers, stickers, stoppers, brand adhesive tapes and other cardboard products in combination with plastic and self-adhesive materials.

Embossing, film laminating and die-cutting in the B1 format options allow implementing non-standard design solutions for the maximum efficiency of advertising products.

Premium packaging

The best packaging option for branded goods, souvenirs, gift items.

Using cardboard up to 2 mm thick as a basis for boxes, as well as all the advantages of offset, flexographic and silk screen printing allows us producing exquisite packaging for premium products.
In the manufacture of boxes, a variety of designer papers, fabric and vinyl materials can be used.

Postcards, reproductions, notebooks, souvenirs

One of the company’s divisions is specialized in production of consumer goods. These are reproductions of icons, certificates, diplomas, calendars, greeting postcards, invitations, greeting envelopes, posters, gift wrapping paper, gift bags, notebooks, souvenir magnets, etc.

Product range, as well as sale directions, is constantly expanding. Our catalog is updated annually. There is an online store.

We have various technologies at our disposal
that allow us to offer the most expressive
and most cost-effective option.

Our partners

The main thing in our work is being attentive
to the interests of our partners and facilitating
development of their businesses